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Independent Acoustical Consulting..


Noise prediction software suitees, SoundPLAN noise and SoundPLAN essential professional noise simulation software


Our instruments (sound level meter, calibrator, impedance tube ...


SPEKTRA offers various solutions for the calibration of sensors or complete measurement chains in the areas of acceleration, sound measurement, dynamic


Bedrock Asia is a high quality measuring equipment for acoustics and professional audio.


Profound Vibra vibration monitoring and Pile Testing Equipment ...

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End of Line Quality control NoiseQC, Go / No Go system based on noise and vibration


GTI Predictive

GTI Predictive Technology, we take advantage of every technological advantage to bring the industrial reliability maintenance community powerful, affordable and industry-changing solutions.


SONarchitect ISO for calculation of acoustic insulation according to EN12354 parts 1,2,3,4 and 6 in entire buildings. Airborne and impact ...


SIDLAB Suite is a combination of software and hardware solutions for the analysis and measurement of sound generation and propagation inside duct networks.


m+p VibControl, be in control of your vibration tests ...


The assortment of Qsources consists of highly portable and very powerful sources for efficient on-site testing for the well ...

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AVCM will always encourage you to create a healthy and safe environment for yourself, your team and your customer. We are specialized in the field of noise and vibration improvements.

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Acoustic Consulting

We help you to do acoustical planning and problem-solving

We want to be a part of a team who truly care about people’s wellbeing by doing what we do best – acoustical consultation. To do so, we are equipped with the ability to do calculations and measurements, as well as valuable experiences that we gain over the years.

Acoustic Instruments

PLACIDInstruments is a high quality and affordable brand specialized in noise and vibration sensors and instruments. Our measurement microphones and preamplifiers are very stable over the years under variable meteorological conditions.


The ultimate software for calculation of sound insulation regarding EN 12354 parts 1,2,3,4 and 6 in entire buildings.

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