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Acoustics Vibration Consulting Malaysia Sdn. Bhd AVCM acoustical engineers

Who We Are

Why care about noise and vibrations ?

Our living and working environment are major contributors to our health, well-being and productivity. Sometimes subconsciously, noise and vibrations have a major impact on our happiness.


AVCM will always encourage you to create a healthy and safe environment for yourself, your team and your customer. We are specialized in the field of noise and vibration improvements.

Our Vision

We’re living in a world where everything keep growing and expanding hence noise levels keep increasing as well. We strive to provide our customers with services and products that will improve environments with the focus on noise.

Our Mission

The mission of AVCM is to create awareness in all levels of society of the dangers of noise and make the world quieter. Therefore we provide solutions to our customers that will create better indoor and outdoor environments.

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AVCM is a proud member of Geonoise Asia Independent Acoustical Engineers with offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, The Netherlands. We are also supporting SVAM, the Malaysian Acoustical Society with our active membership.