DSP500 SERIES (DSP500, DSP501)

The Bedrock DSP500 is a digital signal processor, designed for a wide variety of pro audio applications, and customizable to meet the needs of even the most demanding project. Its main application is as an integrated measuring and control device: data from multichannel acoustic measurements (such as STIPA)  are used to adaptively steer the DSP parameters. The DSP500 is highly customizable.

The Bedrock DSP500 Has The Following Key Specifications:


  • 16×16 CobranetTM channels
  • 8×8 analog channels (unbalanced; configurable unbalanced/balanced on DSP501 only)
  • Signal processing: EQ, filtering, compression, gain, delay
  • Mixing and switching: fully configurable matrix/mixers. Each output can be any mix of (processed) inputs
  • Embedded signal generator (including STIPA test signal, noise, sine)
  • Easy switching between max. 64 preset configurations through front panel or network interface
  • Configuration through embedded webserver (on separate, firewalled LAN connector)

Hardware platform

  • Based on the groundbreaking Embedded Acoustics Bedrock BSP64 signal processor
  • Dual-core Intel Atom control processor for interfacing and additional processing
  • Front panel control through OLED display and navigation buttons
  • Standard 1U 19 inch form factor case 
  • Powered from 100-230V mains (rated max. 60W)
  • 8×8 RCA connectors for unbalanced audio
  • 8×8 channel balanced audio through Phoenix connector (DSP501 only)
  • Dual Cobranet LAN ports on rear panel
  • Gbit LAN port on rear panel for external control interfacing (PLCs, zone switching, etc.)
  • Gbit LAN port on front panel for system configuration through the embedded webserver

Technical specifications

  • Internal processing at 48 kHz, 45 bits
  • AD/DA conversion: 16/24 bits multi-bit sigma-delta
  • Dynamic range on analog outputs > 110 dB; on analog inputs > 100 dB
  • Total latency in digital processing and I/O max. 0.1 ms; ADC and DAC latency max. 0.4 ms 
  • 16 Mbit of memory for delay lines (dynamically allocated)

The DSP501 and DSP500 are identical devices, with the exception that all analog IO for the DSP501 is switchable/mixable between unbalanced and balanced (resp. RCA/Phoenix connector)

EA Bedrock DSP500