GTI Predictive

The Future of Predictive Technology

21st-century technology has brought about giant strides in portability, connectivity, and affordability. That is what drives our philosophy at GTI Predictive Technology. We take advantage of every technological advantage to bring the industrial reliability maintenance community powerful, affordable and industry-changing solutions.

We do this by utilizing the most powerful platform available today and leveraging that with the most friendly user interface. The Apple iPad allows GTI to use the best technology combined with economy of scale to provide an amazing predictive maintenance solution.

GTI Predictive Technology offers a product family that can combine vibration data collection and analysis with balancing, shaft alignment, thermography and ultrasound into one affordable and completely scalable solution on one simple to use platform.

GTI Predictive Technology apps are customer driven. Many of the new additions to our apps have come directly from customers. Once these tools are added to our existing apps they are available to all of our users – all for free!

As you travel through our website, imagine everything you can do to optimize your reliability maintenance programs – simply and affordable.

Vibration Analysis

The heart of predictive maintenance is a good vibration monitoring program. Combined with our other predictive tools, VibePro 8 provides an affordable alternative to the current offering of vibration tools on the market. Route data collection, onsite analysis and remote web based vibration data analysis make this a powerful solution for any reliability maintenance program. VibePro 8 combines the simplicity of VibePro 7 with the flexibility of raw data collection and analysis.

Wireless Online Condition Monitoring

VibePro 24/7 is the most advanced turn-key wireless solution for continuous asset vibration and wear monitoring. An unlimited number of wireless motes are managed by a rugged central base station to acquire data for intelligent trending. All machine data is collected one place reducing the need for route collection. The standard VibePro 24/7 mote contains an advanced 3-axis acceleration and temperature sensor which sets a new standard for frequency bandwidth while maintaining outstanding sensitivity.

Shaft Alignment

Misalignment is one of the top conditions that leads to machine failure. Misalignment occurs when the center lines of two rotating shafts are not co-linear. Misalignment destroys bearings, seals, couplings, rotors and shafts.

The Future of Predictive Technology