Acoustics and Vibration Consulting Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (AVCM) Monthly Newsletter (July 2021)


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SoundPLAN now offers 25% rebate for the Indoor Sound Propagation module and Room Acoustics module.

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Indoor Sound Propagation

In this module, the calculation of interior noise levels in working rooms is based on the VDI 3760 or a newly developed sound particle model. Here, it is possible for the user to take into account any room shape, local screening effects and the local absorption areas, giving the ability to optimize sensible noise reduction measures in the workplace.

Room Acoustics

The Room Acoustics module is an add-on to the Indoor Noise (Indoor Sound Propagation) calculation module. The calculations make use of SoundPLAN’s revolutionary Sound Particle Diffraction technology that provides important improvements to the modelling of diffraction and scattering from objects in the room. Assessment results can then be automatically generated and reported readily. Auralization is also included, where users get to hear what a room sounds like and the effects of acoustic treatments.


For the past few months, AVCM has been actively updating our blog contents, covering acoustical-related topics of various levels, suitable for readers of all ages. Everyone is welcome to learn and provide feedback about our contents, no matter which field you are from!

Recent blog posts:


Check out the Malaysian News section to read some of the recent noise and vibration related articles with reference to reliable local resources:

Social Activeness

AVCM Sdn. Bhd. is now a corporate member in the Society of Acoustics Singapore (SAS) and the Society of Vibration and Acoustics Malaysia (SVAM).

The International Year of Sound 2020

**In view of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the IYS 2020 Steering Committee has decided to extend the celebration of the IYS 2020 into the year 2021**

The IYS 2020 is a global initiative to highlight the importance of sound and related sciences and technologies for all in society.

A list of events and programs have been scheduled to stimulate the understanding throughout the world of the important role that sound plays in all aspects of our society, and to encourage an understanding of the need for the control of noise in nature, in the built environment, and in the workplace.

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