Monthly Newsletter (September 2020)

Acoustics and Vibration Consulting Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (AVCM)

Monthly Newsletter (September 2020)


To encourage the practice of frequent calibrations for your sensors, we are now offering calibration service to everyone with a very reasonable price! Link up with us for more details about the calibration service by sending an email to (Khei), or call us directly (+603-40652167) for further discussions.

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Product Updates

Software updates


SoundPLANnoise includes everything, from modelling, calculations, and tabular documentation in different levels of detail for a variety of acoustical applications. It is the perfect engineering tool that allows city planners, architects, construction, plant, civil, environmental, and acoustical engineers to easily develop the geometry of a project, and the acoustical model.

Key new features in SoundPLANnoise v8.2 include:

  • New project organization tools, which enable the user to work efficiently and faster.
  • New – CNOSSOS-EU Standards for Road, Rail, and general environmental noise
  • New Documentation for the Noise Barrier Optimization
  • New visualization option for interior noise mitigation design

Objects can now be divided into areas or tiles in the Geo database and are thus available in a very clear way immediately after import. In addition, a new tabular wall/berm documentation is available that provides an overview of the wall area and the calculated berm volume and/or as a sum for each individual noise protection structure.

The current versions of the standards DIN 4109:2016/2018 and DIN EN ISO 12354-3:2017, including flank transmission, have also been implemented.

More information about SoundPLANnoise 8.2:


Release soundplan essential 5.1

This month, we are delighted to announce that, the all new SoundPLANessential 5.1 is coming out soon!

SoundPLANessential 5.1 is an update which is free of charge for SoundPLANessential 5.0 customers.

For the convenience of the existing SoundPLANessential users – you can install the latest SoundPLANessential 5.1 parallel to your earlier versions, which means you do not have to uninstall the previous version. More information on SoundPLANessential:



For the past few months, AVCM has been actively updating our blog contents, covering acoustical-related topics of various levels, suitable for readers of all ages. Everyone is welcome to learn and provide feedback about our contents, no matter which field you are from!

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Social Activeness

AVCM Sdn. Bhd. is now a corporate member in the Society of Acoustics Singapore (SAS) and the Society of Vibration and Acoustics Malaysia (SVAM).

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