m+p VibMobile Measurement Hardware

Mobile Multi-Channel Front-End

m+p VibMobile was engineered for the requirements of mobile multi-channel noise and vibration measurements and dynamic signal analysis as well as demanding data acquisition and monitoring applications. Including multi-range AC and DC power supply and battery option the front-end is perfect for portable use in the field or mounted in vehicles and for use in the lab. m+p VibMobile fulfills both the robustness and channel density criteria needed for optimal test and measurement productivity.

A wide choice of analog I/O boards for high speed data acquisition, simultaneous sampling, signal conditioning for voltage inputs, IEPE sensor supply and bridge measurements together with DSP powered real-time processing makes it ideally suited for all kind of measurement and signal analysis tasks.

Use in the Field, in Vehicles or in the Lab

The new m+p VibMobile with its compact form factor, robust design, embedded CPU and storage media and optional battery power is made for portable or standalone operation. The silent temperature-controlled fans make it ideally suited for acoustic measurements. With a broad selection of analog input and output boards and appropriate signal conditioning modules it can be used in all kinds of dynamic and quasi-static measurement fields: noise and vibration, modal analysis, experimental strain and stress analysis, engine testing, functional testing, process monitoring etc.

Reliable Acquisition in Harsh Environments

The conditions under which you have to take measurements are sometimes tough. The robust steel housing qualifies the m+p VibMobile for operation under harsh ambient conditions and for high temperatures. Lightweight polyurethane side panels provide extra protection if you carry your device. For very high shock and vibration exposure, for example during test runs in vehicles, we offer a shock-isolated mount in a strong steel box which has vapour-tight front and rear covers.

Flexible Operation

The m+p VibMobile can be operated as a front-end via Ethernet and laptop or remote PC. Alternatively, all application programs run on the embedded CPU: In this case, either monitor, keyboard and mouse or a high-resolution digital display can be directly connected to the CPU.

Networking of Multiple Systems

For channel expansion and distributed measurements multiple m+p VibMobile front-ends can be combined to act as one system. The daisy-chained master-slave configuration makes it possible to place the frontends close to the measuring points, resulting in reduced transducer cabling and much higher measurement quality.


Analog and Digital I/O Boards and Signal Conditioning

For NVH test and measurement applications we offer two sigma-delta A/D converters, 102.4 or 204.8 kHz sampling rate, each with 8 channels, configurable input architecture and gain as well as multiple clocking and trigger options. The switchable input voltage ranges provide improved sensitivity for very low level vibration signals, microphone measurements and higher voltage sources such as tacho sensors.

A 102.4 kSa/s per channel bridge module is perfect for dynamic strain measurements, experimental stress analysis and fatigue testing of mechanical structures. It enables connection of eight strain gauges in full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations.

The 24-bit D/A converter provides four analog outputs for vibration testing or modal analysis applications requiring drive signals for the shakers.


CompactPCI® Serial Boards

m+p VibMobile covers many of your day-to-day data acquisition and dynamics testing tasks. For special requirements the m+p VibMobile has four slots of the industry-standard CompactPCI® Serial bus for freely selectable, 3rd party boards like mega-sampling high-speed transient recorders, GPS receivers, RS-232 or RS-485 serial interfaces, Fieldbus, CANbus, IRIG or ARINC time protocol interfaces and also fixed or removable disc modules with terabytes of storage space.


m+p VibMobile Multi-Channel Mobile Front-End

  • Portable, for field and laboratory use
  • Multi-channel count applications (up to 64 analog inputs or source channels per mainframe)
  • Battery option, rugged housing, silent operation
  • 2 channel source, 2 channel tacho, 4/4 channel digital I/O in basic system
  • Embedded CPU i7, 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 2 x GBit Ethernet, up to 2 onboard SSD discs, Windows 7 embedded, monitor, mouse, keyboard ports
  • 8-channel bridge measurement module
  • Can be used as standalone system (application software installed on SSD of embedded CPU) or as frontend via Ethernet with remote PC
  • Multiple mainframe support, synchronization of sampling via Clock I/O ports (distance between 2 mainframes ca. 100 m) or measurement start via IEEE 1588 precision time protocol or via GPS PPS signal
  • 12-slot mainframe for up to 8 m+p proprietary I/O boards and up to 4 industry-standard CompactPCI® Serial boards opens almost unlimited choice of analog and digital I/O, communication interfaces and storage devices
  • ZARGES box for very high shock and vibration exposure, vapour-tight
  • Explorer transportation box for m+p VibMobile mainframe and laptop

m+p VibMobile accomodates 4HP/3U CompactPCI® Serial boards. Four CompactPCI® Serial board slots can be freely equipped by the user. This enables tailor-made solutions matching special requirements exactly. With many 3rd party boards available m+p VibMobile supports CANbus, GPS receivers, IRIG or ARINC time protocol interfaces, RS-232 and RS-485 serial interfaces, fixed or removable disc modules with terabytes of storage capacity. For high-speed transient recording up to three 12-channel A/D converter XMC modules are mounted into the CompactPCI® Serial slots. They provide up to 10 MSa/s sampling rate per channel and 1.8M gate FPGA and are synchronized by a XMC sample clock generation module.

  • Multi-channel noise and vibration testing
  • Dynamics measurements
  • Strain measurements
  • Structural testing, modal analysis, impact testing
  • Data acquisition and condition monitoring
  • Performance and functional testing
  • Ultrasonic measurements
  • Automotive crash testing
  • High-frequency event analysis (e.g. explosive shock)