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all Noise & Vibration Testing and Data Acquisition

m+p international is a worldwide provider of high-quality test and measurement solutions for vibration control, noise & vibration analysis and general data acquisition. By working closely with our customers, we understand their applications from an engineer‘s point of view and this is apparent in our products. A policy of continuous research and development, which has led to many pioneering solutions, ensures that our products demonstrate superior performance and quality.

Top-Level Engineering Products and Solutions

Our mission is to offer products and solutions which perfectly support you in the increasingly challenging test, measurement and analysis tasks you encounter in the field, lab, or production plant. Many high-profile companies use m+p international’s products and engineering services to obtain top-quality results, thus minimizing expensive downtime and warranty issues. We help you improve manufacturing process efficiency and get faster time to market.

m+p international delivers sophisticated test and measurement systems and comprehensive engineering services for:


Vibration Control

Industry-Leading Vibration Controllers for Vibration and Shock Testing


Dynamic Signal Analysis

Complete Solution for Noise and Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

Data Acquisition

Continuous Data Acquisition, Signal Analysis and Condition Monitoring


Test Stand Engineering

Customized Engineering Solutions


Measurement Hardware

Measurement Hardware list