Nor850 Measurement System

The Nor850 is a distributed multichannel measurements system. Reporting in accordance with various standards.

NEW Version 1.5 Software Release

Norsonic just released the latest version for the Nor850 system. The new version 1.5 software offers a long list of new features and improvements, including:

  • Possible to synchronize the cursor positions for various displays
  • Up to 10 user-defined markers may be entered during the measurement using the key combination Alt + #. The user-definition dialogue is displayed upon selection in the Marker menu.
  • Measurements based on Nor850 General Mode may be read into NorReview software version 5.1 for further investigations
  • Adding other projects and copying data from various positions between the projects
  • Re-use measurement data for other measurement Standards
  • New Tmax reverberation time feature uses the maximum dynamic range at each frequency band.
  • Single-frequency measurements with bandpass noise excitation to improve the signal to noise for both level and reverberation time measurements
  • TTL control feature for use of moving loudspeakers
  • Start/stop control for Nor277 Tapping Machine

The software Nor850 Suite is connecting a variable number of individual measuring units to create the optimal system that suits any measurement task. Dedicated user-friendly offer the following application packages:

  • Individual units for each measuring channel offers a very high degree of operating flexibility. It allows the user to operate a multichannel system one day – and many individual measuring units another day!
  • Choose between any mix of measuring units based on the Nor140 single-channel unit and the multichannel Nor850 MF1 rack containing 1 – 10 channels.
  • By connecting a number of individual measuring units through various communication channels – including both standardized LAN and USB interfaces – the user may create the optimal multichannel system for any task. Wireless communication through Bluetooth or WLAN is also available.
  • The Nor850 system offers various application modules developed for the most efficient operation within building acoustics, sound power and general sound analysis. Further application packages are planned for sound intensity, advanced building acoustics, environmental noise, and more…
  • The application packages are all written in the new Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation software environment which opens up a new world of user-friendly features. In the heart of the Nor850 software, there is a sensor database containing all possible information about each customer complete list of measurement transducers (microphones, accelerometers, etc.), measuring channels, serial numbers, producers, calibration values, verification laboratories, verification dates, correction data, etc.
  • As all connected front end channels communicate digitally with the controlling PC, any kind of errors introduced by long analogue cables are avoided. No need to worry about the tear and wear on long microphone cables!
  • Each individual unit may be homologated by an independent verification laboratory which means that even the entire multichannel system may be homologated!
  • The multichannel system Nor850 may be expanded as the needs grow.

The Nor850-MF1 rack is designed to contain up to 10 measurement channels. Each channel module has the same features and specifications as the Nor140, but can only be remotely controlled from the Nor850 Suite via LAN interface. For wireless connection, a router is attached to the LAN connector. The rack is powered by 115/230 Vac or by 12Vdc.

The Nor850-MF1 rack is delivered with a selectable number of measurement channels, and may be upgraded with additional channels as the needs grow. Multiple racks may be used in the same system alternatively in a mix with Nor140 or Nor150 Sound Level Meters as additional frontends. Optionally, selected channels may be fitted with signal generator outputs.

Nor850 - Example of configuration
Nor850 – Example of configuration

The user-friendly and innovative calculation and reporting features in the Nor850 may be used as individual modules for post-processing of individual measurement files. This feature is available for the building acoustics, sound power and sound intensity modes.

Measurements taken manually by use of the Norsonic Sound Level Meters Nor140Nor145 or Nor150 are imported easily into the reporting modules. Level, reverberation or background measurement files are included into the respective table folders by simple drag&drop technique. Even complete building acoustics files containing all data in one file may be imported.

The full range of Standards for building acoustics such as the in-situ ISO 16283, laboratory ISO 10140 and the national version such as Americal ASTM Standards, are selectable. Calculation properties as well as informative text for the excel reports are inserted and edited for the final calculation of the sound insulation indices or sound power value.

Customers may enhance their Nor850 Reporting system to a full-blooded Nor850 Measurement system at any time.

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