Pavement Absorption ISO13472-2:2010 ISO10844

Road Surface Absorption Measurement System

Measure road surface sound absorption in situ in according to ISO 13472-2:2010.
The ISO 13472-2:2010 describes the test method for measuring in situ sound absorption coefficient of road surfaces for the one-third octave-band frequencies ranging from 250 Hz to 1600 Hz under normal incidence conditions. For special purposes, the frequency range can be adjusted by modifying the dimensions of the system.

• Turnkey solution system
• One carrying case for the complete system
• Heavy-duty grade aluminium tube
• Stainless steel reflection reference
• USB DAQ low distortion power amplifier
• Plug and Play system
• Realtime data analysis monitoring
• Processing and analysis according to ISO 13472, ISO 10534, GB/T 18696
• Easy data export to Excel
• Automatic broadband noise generator

Passby noise ISO190821