PLACID PNP41 Preamplifier

The PLACID PNP41 1/4” Preamplifier is a robust preamplifier designed to be used for acoustic measurements with condenser microphones. The self-noise is very low, it has a wide dynamic range and frequency response.

  • Frequency range: 5.0 Hz to 100 kHz
  • Noise: <2.5 μV
  • Usage: General purpose

Download PLACID PNP41 Preamplifier Datasheet

The Profound SIT-series meets the constructions industry’s demand for professional Sonic Integrity Testing of concrete piles. With the Profound SIT-series you can verify the pile length and check the integrity of foundation piles on defects after installation. Testing can point out which piles require further examination.

The SIT-series has been optimised for use in the field as well as for advanced interpretation and efficient management of the measurement data in the office. The SIT models are robust, easily portable and user-friendly to operate at the construction site. One person can test numerous piles per hour.