If you are looking for equipment/instruments for short-term usage, we have the solution for you! AVCM offers rental of products based on your required rental period.

The available instruments available for rent include:

Norsonic Nor145 Sound Analyzer Kit

Norsonic's top range sound level meter / analyzer, including:
- Nor145 Sound Level Meter
- Nor 1256 Handheld Microphone Calibrator
- Nor1451 windscreen, 60 mm
- Nor345A Mains adaptor
- Nor1346 Softbag for Nor145

Norsonic Acoustic Camera Nor848 Hextile

Utilize and apply the acoustic camera to your company’s project.
Demonstration: Make a reservation for a live demo by our Acoustical Engineer. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for this.

Bedrock SM90 Measuring Instrument

Class 1 Sound Level Meter
All necessary accessories (such as microphone, charger, cables, windscreen and a ruggedized waterproof carrying case) are included

Convergence NSRT_mk2

Sound Level Meter Data Logger with type 1 microphone
For offline noise monitoring

Qsources Omnidirectional Sound Source

Includes a lightweight Qohm omnidirectional sound source and a Qam DSP Controlled Signal Generator Measurement Amplifier.

Profound VIBRA

With Profound's VIBRA series, you can easily monitor vibrations anytime. The set includes the VIBRA meter (with batteries), a geophone, connecting cables and a rugged casing to store the instruments.


AVCM also offers renting service for SoundPLANessential, a compact software for noise modelling, simulations and calculations. Find out more about our package by dropping us a message!

Links are included (click the pictures) to the product pages for more details.

For inquiries regarding rental, please contact us directly.