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What We Can Offer

Noise Report & Consultation

By using SoundPLAN as the main noise calculation software, AVCM aims to help you solve all the noise problems around you.

The areas that we can cover include:

Environmental Acoustics

  • Industrial Noise
  • Traffic Noise
  • Outdoor Residential Noise


Building Acoustics

  • Indoor/Room Acoustics
  • Workplace Acoustics

Click here to know more about SoundPLAN

Noise & Vibration Measurement

AVCM has the right instruments to carry out your noise and vibration measurements for outdoor and indoor applications, including:

  • Project Sites
  • Residential Buildings
  • Roads & Traffics
  • Schools/Workplaces

Sound Insulation Calculation

AVCM uses INSUL, a program to predict the sound insulation of walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and windows. 

We can help you with finding good estimates of the Transmission Loss (TL) or Impact Sound (Ln)  in 1/3 octave bands and Weighted Sound Reduction Index (STC or Rw) or Impact Rating (IIC/LnTw) for use in noise transfer calculations or acoustical design or specification.

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AVCM is a proud member of Geonoise Asia Independent Acoustical Engineers with offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, The Netherlands. We are also supporting SVAM, the Malaysian Acoustical Society with our active membership.