SONarchitect ISO is the ultimate software for calculation of acoustic insulation according to EN 12354 parts 1,2,3,4 and 6 in entire buildings.

Airborne and impact noise

With SONarchitect ISO you can compute all the sound insulation values in one-third octave bands in the entire building according to EN 12354:1,2,3,4,6 (ISO 15712:1,2,3,4,6). Results are detailed for every enclosure, separator, flank, and transmission path, and can be interactively explored.

Get a subjective experience of the acoustic performance of your building with the auralisation engine, directly accessed from the result tree. Play one of the built-in tracks or your own recordings in any room of your choice and hear how they would sound in the adjacent rooms compared to the emitter room. You only need a good pair of headphones. Take a walk around the 3D environment and feel the differences thanks to the binaural audio processing.

Report generator

Print the results you want and the way you want. SONarchitect provides a flexible report generator. Add your enterprise logo, select a cover image with the 3D model of your building, get a bill of quantities for your budget estimations, include a compliance statement, show the quality classification of your building, detail every computation result including components and transmission paths. Or none of them. You can select individual rooms or let SONarchitect select only the worst cases: Yes, indeed, you have computed the acoustic insulation in the entire building, therefore you know they really are the worst!

Materials in the catalog

SONarchitect ISO database has more than 300 generic constructive solutions, more than 900 commercial solutions, the Simmons Nordic Database and continues to expand!

Outdoor noise map

SONarchitect ISO computes the noise emission maps from any noisy room in your building, according to EN 12354-4 Annex E

Specify a custom indoor noise spectrum and get the L2n in the adjacent rooms and from the façade.

You can export the 3D model of SONarchitect ISO to the room acoustics software Odeon.

Study the noise insulation of an entire building with SONarchitect ISO, then you can export the 3D model to Odeon and easily design the acoustic environment inside of every room.

One-third octave band values

You can get a detailed record of the one-third octave band of any result. The records include all the information you need to evaluate the acoustic performance of your building projects, as graphs, results, and information for every pair of enclosures, separator, flank and transmission path.

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The ultimate software for calculation of sound insulation regarding EN 12354 parts 1,2,3,4 and 6 in entire buildings.

Real buildings

Forget about the box-to-box model and draw your own building with arbitrary geometries. Unleash your architectural skills!

Materials catalog

SONarchitect ISO database has more than 300 generic constructive solutions, 900 commercial materials, and continues to expand.

Custom report

Generate a PDF report easily, including all the acoustic insulation values you may need from the results.