SoundPLAN GmbH is an innovative software company and engineering firm active in the fields of noise control, noise mapping, occupational health and safety and room acoustics. The SoundPLAN prediction software, which we have successfully developed and used worldwide for over 30 years, is the basis of our success. Our team of 22 employees works hand in hand – whether in software development, customer support, expert opinions or global marketing.

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SoundPLAN now offers 25% rebate for the Indoor Noise module and Room Acoustics module.
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Indoor Noise

Room Acoustics


SoundPLANnoise includes everything from modelling, calculations and tabular documentation in various levels of detail to informative plans for road and rail noise, commercial and leisure noise, aircraft noise, and Hallin (sound propagation indoors).


A compact software solution for noise simulation in the context of smaller projects. If you only occasionally need to take noise-related questions into account, this software, as the quintessence of its "big brother" SoundPLANnoise, is the ideal program for you.


SoundPLANmanda software is the new mapping and analysis tool specifically designed for the assessment of occupational noise.

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