Test Stand Engineering

Engineering Services

m+p international has the expertise, experience and all resources necessary to design and construct custom-made vibration and functional test stands for various industries. You determine the range of services, the time frame and the budget.

Customized Engineering Solutions

Our engineering services include:

  • Design, conception, construction and manufacturing of components, rigs, test stands
  • Preparing drawings and CAD data sets for manufacturing
  • Vibration and strength calculations (FEM)
  • Vibration measurements, analysis and evaluation, modal analysis
  • Strain gauge measurements on statically and dynamically stressed components and buildings, plus analysis and evaluation as well as determination of the spatial stress condition
  • Advice in metrological problems, evaluation and optimization of components, including damage analysis, especially on welded constructions
  • Supply and rental of equipment for vibration and strain gauge measurements including the required measurement analysis and evaluation software

Example: Volkswagen AG High-Frequency Test Stand

m+p international developed a high-frequency test stand for Volkswagen to investigate the transmission behaviour of engine and transmission mounts in a frequency range up to 2,000 Hz. The electrodynamic shaker is suspended in the welded test stand frame where it is vibration isolated.

The m+p VibControl system is used for vibration control, data acquisition and analysis in automatic test operation.Volkswagen commissioned m+p international to plan and realize the complete vibration test stand.